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Choose between Pariba, Meimei, Pabou and Patras… or take all!

Amigunan Mini Resort consists of 4 apartments. You can choose between a 1- or 2-bedroom apartment. We have one 1-bedroom apartment (Pariba) and three 2-bedroom apartments (Meimei, Pabou and Patras). Depending of the size of your group, you decide which one(s) to take.


ParibaMeimeiPabou of Patras.

The apartments are named after the areas of the island. Pariba is the eastern part of the island, Meimei means the middle and Pabou is the western part. In addition, you have Patras, the apartment at the back. The name Pariba has to do with the direction of the wind. The North-East trade winds always blow from the north-east to the south-west. In Papiamento from Pariba (upwind) to Pabou (downwind).

With a Group?

If you want to stay with a group at Amigunan, please send us an email. Together we can discuss the possibilities and figure out what the options are. At Amigunan you can go with a group of up to 14+ people.

The floorplan gives you an idea where you would end up.
Well, finally with a cold drink on the sundeck.