Good to know


Through the tropical plantation shutter doors, you enter your apartment. You unpack your suitcase and store your clothes in the wardrobe. You can do it right now or later, or just not at all. Just living out of the suitcase is also possible. There is a safe-deposit box to store your valuables.
In the bedroom there is a ceiling fan as well as an air conditioning. You decide which one to use. Please do not use the air conditioner when the doors are open. Nobody has succeeded in influencing the temperature on the island with an a/c. And we want to keep the rates reasonable, because electricity, as well as water, is quite expensive.

Of course, you have excellent free Wi-Fi anywhere at Amigunan. So easy when you are traveling for work, want to watch a movie or keep home informed.
But be warned: you’re on vacation and all these emails, stock exchange rates and news can have some less personal attention from you. Enjoy the island, the inhabitants and all those fun things to do.
All bathrooms have hot and cold water. The water is heated by solar panels. The water is distilled from sea water and very clean. You don’t need to buy bottled water.

A real tropical garden, a huge porch and a lovely swimming pool with kid’s pool provide you the real holiday experience. It is the perfect base to explore the island. And is also a fantastic “home-away-from-home” to fully unwind and relax. And because of the location of Amigunan on a tiny hill and facing to the east, you always have a cool tropical breeze.
On the communal porch next to the pool, there is a large round table that seats 12+ people. The kitchen is fully equipped and has everything for cooking. The porch is a lovely cool spot overlooking the pool.


When venturing out to tour the island, remember to take the ice jug with you. It should be somewhere in the kitchenette. You can buy beer, wine, soft drinks and bags of ice cubes at almost every snack bar, took or gas station. You should have sufficient chilled drinks with you for the day. Drink plenty of fluids, it is important because through sweating, you dehydrate fast.

Amigunan is centrally located in Curaçao. The nearest beach is less than 15 minutes by car and also the bustling shopping centers are nearby. Practically around the corner you will find two large supermarkets with a wide range of international and local products.

If you don’t want to spend a day touring the island to one of the many beautiful beaches or you don’t want to go shopping in Punda, Otrobanda or in one of the many shopping malls, you can also just stay at “home”. Relax on your patio and enjoy reading, talking or listening, or just do nothing.

Or you can enjoy the sun on the sun deck around the pool. This deck is like a large BBQ grill on the ground, but for people. So please use plenty of sun cream! You can use one of the lounge chairs or hammocks and have your siesta. You can hear the birds chirping and perhaps you can spot an iguana in the trees. And when it gets too hot, you just dive into the pool for cooling off.

But beware! The sun on Curaçao is very strong! Because of the constant breeze, you will hardly notice it. You get burned very fast and it’s harmful to your skin. Avoid the time between 11 AM and 3 PM for sunbathing. Lobsters are there to be enjoyed, not to be compared to.

On the Porch you will find information about restaurants, museums, diving, sailing, windsurfing, deep sea fishing, natural parks, supermarkets, shopping malls, wellness, golf, and so on.


When you arrive at Hato Airport, you can take a taxi to Amigunan. It will cost about US$35-40. Let Eldon know if you want use Amigunan’s preferred taxi driver.

Public transportation is available on Curaçao, but it is much more convenient to have a rental car. Then you decide where and when you want to go.

Amigunan works with a local car rental company. They have small and mid-size cars. And they offer complimentary pick up and drop off service from/to the airport. Let Eldon know if you want to get a quotation.


In your apartment, you’ll find a small library with several books. You can find books in English but also in Dutch. You can borrow and read the books. Thank you for returning the books afterwards. If you have not finished the book, you may take it home. We appreciate, if you leave a similar book behind. So, the library will remain stocked for other guests.


Each apartment has its own private kitchenette. Except for the Pabou apartment, all kitchenettes are located on your private terrace. Living in the Caribbean means living outside. Our outside kitchenettes are one of our (many) pleasant surprises that guests compliment us for.

Do you like extensive cooking? At the communal Porch, under the mango tree, you can prepare a large meal. There is a 5 burners stove with oven at your disposal. If you want, you can also invite others to join you. Ah…. and don’t forget to invite the hosts! They like to experience your culinary challenges.


You only need to bring your summer clothes, flip-flops and toiletries with you.

There is no need to bring bath towels and beach towels. There is a regular change of towels and sheets. Your apartment is also cleaned regularly. If you want to clean it even more often, there is a broom, mop and wipes available for you.

Two minutes by car you will find a laundry for washing, drying and folding your clothes. The rates are very reasonable. And you don’t want to be using your precious vacation time for washing clothes.


Smoking is allowed on all outside spots, like on your private terrace, in the garden and on the sun deck around the pool. Do make sure that you don’t cause any nuisance to other guests. And of course, throw the butts in appropriate ashtrays. It is not allowed to smoke inside your apartment


Amigunan makes no distinction between race, origin, orientation, color, weight, creed or religion. Every person is unique and welcome at Amigunan.

Amigunan is a resort for cheerful people who enjoy life. If you’re a grumpy type or pessimistic, please go to another location where you meet fellow sufferers. We better be upfront clear what we expect from each other, to prevent possible mutual disappointments. We both don’t like that, right?


To make the reservation final, we request a deposit of 10% of the total amount. We accept payment through our bank in the Netherlands or in Curacao, or via PayPal.

Although we assume that you are going to spend your vacation on Curaçao, it is still useful to know what the cancellation conditions are. There is a cancellation fee of 10% of the total amount when you cancel up to 60 days prior to arrival. The cancellation fee is 25% for cancellations between 60-30 days prior to arrival, 50% for 30-15 days and 100% for cancellations less than 15 days prior to arrival.